KADIS IDK GmbH offers quality assessment tests in the field of diabetes mellitus. All types of medical devices such as glucose sensors, insulin pumps, blood glucose meters, blood glucose test strips and lancing devices are examined and tested. A particular focus is on the performance evaluation of blood glucose meters according to DIN EN ISO 15197:2015.

DCC Diabetes ServiCe Center GmbH (DCC GmbH) provides telemedical services online.

Diabetes-Disease-Management-Model (V1A)


The project V1A is part of the cooperative project "Development of a Diabetes Disease Management Model and a communication model belong the demands of a Disease Management Programm Provider".

Following topics were handled:

  • Evidence-based description of relevant medical processes in diabetes care in consideration of a Disease Management Programm (DMP) Provider (Diabetes care model)
  • Analysis, rating and comparison of national and international developments of telemedical-supported DMPs, summarizing of the results and propose of a DDM-Model from the view of the diabetes care processes

Target of the project
Aim of the project DDM-Model was the development of a model of the DCC-supported Diabetes Disease Management in consideration of the demands of a DMP-Provider.

Representation of the use
The main profit from the project was the first exploration and description of a DDM- and communication model for a DMP-Provider comprising patients directly.

Representation of the innovation
A comparable complex disposition of investigation and description of a DCC as a patient-oriented DMP-provider is not realized for diabetes care in Germany at present.

Form of the financing
Promotion of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany in the scope of the InnoRegio- competition and private capital of the participant actors.

Problems and approaches to solution
There is no previous knowledge available and also no experiences for the development and management of a DMP-provider. Based on investigations of DDM- programs as well as the situation of patents and copyrights evidence-based description of the relevant medical care process will be carried out and summarized to a DDM-model. The DDM-model should be developted by iterative cycles in an closed interaction with the time equivalent started project DCC-communication model.

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